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Will you be one of the best Street Gamers ?

Laser Street Ra'anana

Laser game is a fun game based on strategy and skills. The Arena can receive up to 32 players whom can play in teams or individually. 

Laser Street Ra'anana

The armor has many sensors which are the targets to aim. 

Laser Street Ra'anana

You will outfit yourself with a light and comfortable jacket: fasten it with the two pawls on both side and take out the laser tag which gives you your username.

Laser Street Ra'anana

Finally dressed up, you have to deactivate as many players as you can.

Laser Street Ra'anana

Getting tagged will get you deactivated for 4 seconds (during that time you can’t tag or be tagged by anyone) which will give you enough time to hide.

Game purpose 

You must tagged as many players as you can while being tagged as less as possible. 


To succeed with your mission, you will find yourself running into a maze in black lights effects. Explore every corner of the maze to set up your strategy !


In case you find yourself in difficulties, you can get many super power (unlimited shots, shields, etc.) by aiming microblasters hide in the game. 


When time is up, we will give you a score sheet so you can see the statistics of your game !


Bases are for team games. They are used in the Domination game and you score points as long as you keep them in your control. 


If you aim the mines, every players around those will be deactivated and lose 50 points. Beware !




To shot your enemy, you must aim him in his sensors. There are 4 sensitive areas to the beam : 

Vulnerable Zones

I touch

I am touched














Play under the best conditions

You must respect the following rules

No running

No fighting or offending.

Soldiers must remain polite and courteous. 

No climbing on the maze’s walls.

No lying down or squatting. 



If two enemies get shoot or face to face and the laser tag can touch each other, the players have to be back to back and go in the opposite direction, of course without shooting at each other !!

It is strictly forbidden to disarm your opponent and take his laser tag. Many physical contacts can be dangerous and unsafe!


If one player deactivate an another player, the shooter mustn’t  keep on following his target just to shoot him again. 


It is forbidden to hide his censors either by a body part or by your laser tag, or worst, by leaning forward. 

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